[Question 1] I would like to do web production and later web development. So, when I looked up the required languages, I found that PHP is often used for Web-related purposes. However, Go has many advantages such as parallel processing over PHP, so it is highly motivated to study Go.
Which language should I study in web production/development?

[Question 2] What is the "essential" language for web production and development?

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  • Answer # 1

    WEB = On the premise of thinking with the definition of returning a response to a request from a user

    There is no merit in parallel processing on the WEB. Therefore, the advantage of Go that the questioner is attracted to is useless, so you can do php. It's a lot easier than Go.
    And I don't know what I want to process in parallel, but it's pointless if I just feel the benefits of parallel processing.
    If you're attracted to concurrency, you'll still know, but it's still meaningless on the web. Concurrent processing is also possible with php. It's not a method of using shell commands that you can find on the net, but it is a function of php normally. (Not just the default)

    As a php expert opinion, php is fine as long as you are not troubled by speed and load, or php if the number of operating units is not huge.

    What is the "essential" language for web production and development?

    English enough to avoid running away from html, css and stackoverflow

  • Answer # 2

    Try both.
    It goes without saying that the range of work will be wider.

    HTML is a must.
    HTML is not required for services that provide only data using Web API, etc., but the required technology changes depending on "where, what, when, and in what form".
    The rest is according to the requirements.

    After all, it is difficult to give specific advice due to the requirements of this question.

    If you have a motivation destination, you can do it, you can do it in parallel, and "Web development" is too broad.