It doesn't take much man-hours to create a mechanism to get information on PCs connected to the company LAN in a list, so I would like to make batch, VBA, or VB script as easy as possible.

Currently, the information of the in-house PC is manually entered in Excel and managed, and the information of the in-house PC is automatically acquired because the information may be incorrect or depends on the person. There is a request from my boss who wants to create a mechanism, and I am thinking about a method.

There seems to be such a third-party tool, but my boss tells me to create it in-house.

I looked it up, but I couldn't find any good information, so I asked a question.

The information I want to output to the list is the IP address, PC name, Mac address, and I think it's difficult, but if possible, I'd like to know the name of the tool in the PC in some way.

If i have any ideas, please teach me.

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    For IP address, PC name, MAC addresssysteminfoIt seems that you can get it with the standard output of the command.
    I haven't tried it/ sIt seems that you can get information on the remote machine as an option.

    Reference: systeminfo | Microsoft Docs

    For tools, in the case of PowerShellGet-WmiObject Win32_Product | select Name, VersionOr something?
    Anything that can access WMI without PowerShell is fine.
    With cmdwmic product get name, versionThe result is almost the same.