I want to refer to another book in Google Spreadsheet and count IF to check for duplicates.
The sheet of another book to be referred to has a list of character strings in multiple columns. (It is not a table with key values)

Details are given below.
I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you have any concerns.

I have combined the IMPORTRANGE function and the COUNTIF function, but the values ​​have not been obtained properly.
(It is not an error value)

Corresponding source code

Is the string in cell C2 listed in another spreadsheet?

= COUNTIF (IMPORTRANGE ("URL of another spreadsheet", "A1: Z500"), $C2)
  • Answer # 1

    IMPORTRANGE needs to press the "Allow access" button for the first time, but if you use IMPORTRANGE in another function, that display may not appear.
    Maybe you haven't been "permitted access"? I think COUNTIF will return 0 then.

    Once in the appropriate cell of the spreadsheet that currently contains COUNTIF
    = IMPORTRANGE ("URL of another spreadsheet", "A1")Please enter "Allow access" to display the data to be referenced.

    After that, there is no description of the sheet name that I am referring to, is that okay?
    If there is no sheet name, the first (left) sheet will be loaded.

    Please check that area.