I'm currently writing an application in Laravel.

I have a question,
・ Is it a reasonable way to develop web services with VPS?
I am the only person who develops and operates the system.

Since I have only done the production release on the rental server twice, I am planning to contract VPS and use it as the production environment this time.
Since I have never introduced AWS etc., I think that the fee etc. will be high, so I am trying to select VPS this time.

I've been studying docker lately, but I'm not sure if VPS isn't very suitable for production use.
In my own experience, I'm used to putting centOS7 in virtualbox and creating a development environment,
I have never managed a server in a production environment.

Should I gain production experience with a plain VPS before touching docker?
If i don't use docker in the production environment, shouldn't the development environment be docker as well?
I am also vague about that.

Especially the non-coding aspects
It's like you don't know what you don't know.

We would be grateful if you could give us some advice on what to learn and experiences to go one step further.
Thank you.

In this article, there was a description that the development environment and the production environment are built with docker (probably VPS?), So I also wanted to try this, so I asked this question this time.