I have my own computer (windows10), but I can't see one jQuery I'm using.

-The page uses some jQuery such as slides, accordion menu, and slowly returning to the top of the page.
-What is not displayed is jQuery called "instagramFeed-1.3.2" that displays multiple Instagram images.
・ If i think that it is only one site, it will not be displayed on another site.
・ Chrome, Edge, FF do not display this much
・ It is not displayed even in the secret mode of chrome.
-I also tried deleting the browser cache, restarting the browser, and restarting the OS, but there was no change.

I think that up to this point, my installation is simply wrong.

・ It was displayed properly a few days ago. (I think there was no OS update after the trouble occurred)
・ It is displayed normally on other PCs.
・ Smartphone is also displayed

I think that my PC is strange because it is in such a state.
What other solutions are there in this case?
Thank you.

Is this the code?

.instagram_feed {
    float: left;
    margin-bottom: 20px;
.instagram_feed img {
    width: 169px;
    height: auto;
    margin: 15px;
.work_insta_link {
    width: 100%;
    margin: 0 auto;
    text-align: right;
    (function ($) {
        $(window) .on ('load', function () {
            $.instagramFeed ({{
                'container': "# instagram-feed1",
                'display_profile': false,
                'display_biography': false,
                'display_gallery': true,
                'callback': null,
                'styling': false,
                'items': 4,
                'items_per_row': 2,
                'margin': 1,
                'lazy_load': true,
                'on_error': console.error
    }) (jQuery);

What should the environment add?
The environment is as follows for both PCs that are not displayed and PCs that are displayed.
windows10 64bit (20H2)
chrome (87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (64-bit))
Edge (87.0.664.41 (Official Build) (64 Bit))

It is also displayed in Android 8.0.0 chrome.

I confirmed that there was an error in the developer tools of chrome.
Instagram Feed: It looks like YOUR network has been temporary banned because of too many requests. See https://github.com/jsanahuja/jquery.instagramFeed/issues/25 4 (anonymous) @ jquery.instagramFeed.min.js: 1

When I searched, the following page appeared.
"The Instagram API has a limit of 200 requests per hour, so we recommend limiting the number of requests by a feed block. Therefore, the patch suggests initializing $.instagramFeed once. "(As translated).
I don't remember reloading 200 times ...

The patch file is posted on this page, but I don't know how to use it.
What should I do?

・ I thought it was wrong to connect to my instagram ID, and even if I changed it to another person's ID, there was no change.
(It has been corrected and the display has changed on a PC without symptoms, and it is still hidden on my PC)
... If the ID is bad in the first place, the official sample should be displayed, but it doesn't matter when it isn't ...
・ Since the version of instagramFeed.js was 1.3.2, it was changed to 1.4.1.
→ No change

  • Answer # 1

    Is it a solution ...

    After disconnecting and reconnecting with the router and reassigning the global IP address, it was displayed.
    However, other PCs and smartphones connected from the same IP were displayed, and I wonder if this can be said to be the cause.

    I'm wondering if it's okay to post it in the solution column.

  • Answer # 2

    There was an issue on Github of jquery.instagramFeed.
    There is also a description about some of the above errors.
    Since it is in English, it is difficult to understand, but there seems to be no solution to this.