I need as much wav data as possible to use in my research, and I want to convert YouTube videos to wav with youtube-dl and use it.YouTube Terms of ServiceThere was the following wording in the prohibited items in.

Access the Services using automated means (robots, botnets, scrapers, etc.). Unless (a) you use a publicly available search engine according to YouTube's robots.txt file, or (b) YouTube specifically permits it in writing.

As far as other prohibitions are concerned, it seems that the video I'm trying to download is allowed to be downloaded manually, but I'll tell you if it is allowed to download automatically using yotube-dl. I want you to do it.

Also, since youtube-dl is a Python library that can automatically download videos, I think that it satisfies either (a) or (b) of the above prohibition, but the corresponding wordingyoutube-dl's GitHubI couldn't find it in, so please let me know if there is a relevant part.


on youtube-dl's GitHubSimilar questionSince the duplicate label was attached, it may already be an issue, so please let me know which issue it is.

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    What is mentioned as a duplicate issue

    (note:The following description is an explanation by guessing the content and logical development after translating the content of the above issue, and does not express my own opinion. The possibility that the description below is incorrect is not zero. The following description and the actions taken by the person who sees the following description are the responsibility of the person himself/herself, and I am not responsible for it.)

    The logical structure briefly explained in the above issue is presumed to be as follows.

    (1) There is the following description in the Terms of Service (TOS) of YouTube.
    "Permissions and restrictions
    You may access and use the Services as long as you comply with this Agreement and applicable law. You may view the content for personal and non-commercial purposes. You can also display YouTube videos on an embedded YouTube player. "

    In other words, the issue contributor seems to understand that this means that "viewing content for personal and non-commercial purposes" is possible.

    On the other hand, according to the terms of service, "There are restrictions on the use of this service, and the following actions are prohibited. 3. Access this service using automated means (robot, botnet, scraper, etc.) However, unless (a) you use a publicly available search engine in accordance with YouTube's robots.txt file, or (b) you have prior written permission from YouTube. " ..

    Regarding this part, the issue contributor said, "In the Terms of Service (ToS), the method of viewing content is not clearly defined, and what constitutes" download "(prohibited by the terms) is defined separately. There is nothing that is. "

    As a result, it seems that "viewing by using youtube-dl" should not be particularly restricted as long as it is viewing for "personal and non-commercial use". ..

    Personally, I think the above logical expansion is impossible.
    -As a way of writing the terms, first widely admit that personal viewing is OK, and then specifically prohibit "downloading".
    ・ The above issue poster seems to implicitly insist that download and viewing are not distinguished, but "download"
    While is intended for permanent storage, "viewing" generally refers to viewing using a browser or other viewing software, which is clearly different.
    -The browser stores data in the form of a cache, but it is temporary.