I downloaded and installed Anaconda by following the steps on various sites, but Python doesn't work. Why.
I've uninstalled and tried it many times, but the situation hasn't changed. I feel that the installation is not working well in the first place. Because it is not displayed on the start screen.
I am in great trouble. Thank you.

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    As far as I can see from the image, the installation of Anaconda is successful, but it seems that the path of python.exe cannot be found. I will check it just in case.

    ■ With the default settings, Anaconda will be installed in one of the following folders,
    1, Do the following folders exist?

    C: \ Users \ (user name)/Anaconda3

    C: \ ProgramData \ Anaconda3

    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Anaconda3

    2, Does python.exe exist in the above folder?
    Does not exist → Please download and install Anaconda again.

    Exists → Please set the Python path

    After setting the path, please download and install the python IDE.

    2018/01/19 Added in response to the question in the comment section
    ■ First, about Jupyter Notebook
    If you click Anaconda3 (64bit) in the start menu, a shortcut to start Jupyter Notebook should be added, please start from there.

    Let's use Jupyter Notebook
    Or if you have Anaconda Navigator in the Anaconda3 (64bit) menu, you can start it from there as well.

    ■ About pip
    First of all, Anaconda is a distribution (a collection of commonly used packages for scientific calculations), so
    Package management uses the conda command instead of pip.

    And as far as I can see the question, PyCharm Community Edition of IDEAbsolutely introducedplease.
    Click the link to "Right sideIs the download button.
    After installation, you can manage your packages there by selecting the Anaconda Python path found in the first answer in the File menu =>Settings =>Project interpreter.