I am studying python using anaconda's jupyter Notebook.
I started jupyternotebook and I can see the name change of the file created at that time.
I don't know how to rename a folder.
Leave the default "Untitled".
Currently, we are renaming by going directly from the relevant C drive to the relevant folder.
Even if I look it up, the only thing that comes up is renaming the file.
Could anyone please tell me how to rename the folder?

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    [Addition] I'm sorry. I misunderstood and the following was the operation in Jupyter lab.

    If you right-click on the folder, "Rename" will be displayed, so you can rename the folder there.
    However, in my environment, although an error message is displayed, the folder name has been changed. However, the folder before the error change remains (there is no file, only the folder remains). Therefore, I feel that it is better to operate from Explorer.