I'm currently writing the following code

cur.execute ("" "SELECT mahoseki_log.user_id, mahoseki_log.price_yen, login_log.timestamp, quest_log.timestamp
FROM mahoseki_log
    INNER JOIN login_log ON mahoseki_log.user_id = login_log.user_id
    INNER JOIN quest_log ON login_log.user_id = quest_log.user_id
WHERE (mahoseki_log.price_yen! ='None');"" ")

What does the "" "in this sentence mean?
I tried searching, but it didn't hit well ...
Probably a very basic question, I'm sorry, but thank you.

  • Answer # 1

    Is it a notation for string literals mixed with line breaks?
    For more information, go to "Triple Quotation Triple Quotation".

  • Answer # 2

    Why don't you google with "python three quotes"?

  • Answer # 3

    See string literals in the official documentation.

    2.4.1. String and byte string literals

    Simpler description: These types of literals are enclosed in the corresponding single or double quotes ('), and in the corresponding triple single or double quotes. You can also (usually called a triple-quoted string).


    In a triple quote literal, you can write unescaped newlines and quotes as long as you don't terminate the literal with a triple unescaped quote character (and they remain in the string). .. ("Quart" here refers to the character used to start enclosing the string, either'or'.)