I want to eliminate the error with javascript_pack_tag

I'm working on putting jQuery and Bootstrap in Rails 6 and going to application.html.erb

<% = javascript_pack_tag'application','data-turbolinks-track':'reload'%>
  <% = stylesheet_pack_tag'application','data-turbolinks-track':'reload'%>

I got an error when I added the above code.

Webpacker :: Manifest :: MissingEntryError in Posts # new
1. You want to set webpacker.yml value of compile to true for your environment
   unless i am using the `webpack -w` or the webpack-dev-server.
2. webpack has not yet re-run to reflect updates.
3. You have misconfigured Webpacker's config/webpacker.yml file.
4. Your webpack configuration is not creating a manifest.
Your manifest contains:
Corresponding source code
<% = javascript_pack_tag'application','data-turbolinks-track':'reload'%>
What I tried

Update yarn to the latest version in your home directory

Please professor.

  • Answer # 1

    javascript_pack_tagThe JavaScript used inNode.jsGenerate from.

    rails assets: precompileGenerate with (This is basically used for production reflection etc.)

    webpack-dev-serverAlso start up (see)

    Either action is required.