Be in trouble

I tried to give a class attribute with simple_format according to the Rails docs,
It does not apply when viewed in the developer tools. ..
Reference URL:Rails documentation: simple_format

The purpose is to apply CSS to the part surrounded by simple_format,
I want to specify a class for that.

Current status
  • code
<% = simple_format (h (@ post.description), {}, sanitize: false, wrapper_tag: "div", class:'post-description')%>
  • Target location in the browser (Chrome developer tools)

In codeclass:'post-description'Despite specifying
class does not apply.
If i add a class in a place other than this simple_format,
Since it is applied to the browser as added, I think that the development environment itself is not a problem.

What I tried
  • wrapper_tag: Delete "div".
    ⇒ I tried to modify it below, but the situation did not change.
<% = simple_format (h (@ post.description), {}, sanitize: false, class:'post-description')%>

The purpose of using this simple_format is
I want to display the multi-line text entered in the text area on the input form.
It is used so that the line breaks entered by the user are reflected.

I don't think it's necessary to stick to using simple_format as long as the class name is given while satisfying that purpose.
(I'm wondering if it doesn't follow the Rails documentation, but ...)


Rails 5.2.4
Ruby 2.6.5

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  • Answer # 1

    <% = simple_format ("a", {class:'post-description'}, {sanitize: false, wrapper_tag: "div"})%>

    If so


    have become.