The problem i am having

docker-compose,vscodeI'm developing a react app.

Since the latest version of docker desktop has arrived (3.0.1), when I try to start the container after updating, I get the following error.

ERROR: for node Cannot start service node: Mounts denied: approving/Users/ryota/Library/Mobile Documents/com ~ apple ~ CloudDocs/path/to/file: file does not exist
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.

So, docker desktopPreferencesFromUse gRPC FUSE for file sharingBy turning offdocker-compose upThe command went well and started successfully.

However, until now, after changing the code with vscode,compilingWas displayed and the browser was updated, but after updating docker desktop, it became impossible.

Related files

The following isDockerfileWhendocker-compose.ymlis.

FROM node: 15.3.0-alpine3.10
version: "3"
services: services:
      context: ..
      dockerfile: Dockerfile
    command: sh -c "npm start"
    ports: ports:
      -"3000: 3000"
    stdin_open: true
What I tried

As for what I trieddocker-compose buildAfter rebuilding withdocker-compose upI started it with a command, but it didn't work.

Also, normallynpm startWhen I started the local server with, the change was detected and the browser was updated.

Furthermore, after updating os to Big Sur, I ran docker-compose build again to start the container and the situation did not change.

I looked it up, but I didn't have a clue, so I asked a question. If i have any information, please let me know. We look forward to hearing from you.