This question is not directly related to the program
I would like to ask you about the effects of the status of Enable Bitcode.

I'm currently developing an app that uses Crashlytics.
If Xcode's Build Settings>Build Option>Enable Bitcode is YES,
The following was displayed on the Crashlytics dashboard.

After investigating this solution and changing Enable Bitcode to NO, it became (probably) readable.

Is it possible that setting Enable Bitcode to NO will cause some operational problems or will be rejected during Apple reviews?

I would appreciate it if you could answer.

  • Answer # 1

    Setting Enable Bitcode to YES makes it hidden because you aren't using Crashlytics as referenced.
    Uploading the dSYM file to Firebase using the steps in the reference will display the stack trace correctly.
    See the Firebase official for more information.

    Setting Enable Bitcode to NO will not cause any problems in operation, but it will not be optimized for iOS updates, so setting it to YES is advantageous in the future.
    Also, it is currently not subject to rejection during Apple reviews.