I have a question about image distribution on Heroku and S3

Currently, I am developing a web application with Ruby on Rails and Heroku for studying.
Currently, we are developing in the following environment.

Server: Heroku (USA)
Image Cloud: S3 (American Region)
Where to actually access: Japan
Name server: Muumuu DNS (domain is also acquired by Muumuu domain)

The environment is as above, but since the server and S3 region are in the United States, it takes a long time to get an S3 image from Japan. (Since the server is Heroku, I also created an S3 region in the United States.)

CloudFront cannot be used because the SSL settings are set in Heroku and Muumuu DNS. (Because Route53 is not used as a name server, it is not possible to issue a certificate from AWS ACM.)

I would like to distribute the images saved in S3 from the Tokyo region. Is there a good way?
Alternatively, I think that you can use other cloud services instead of S3.

Please give us your advice.

  • Answer # 1

    I can't issue a certificate from AWS ACM because I'm not using Route53 as a name server

    No, that's not the case ...
    If you like email verification, you can create it normally (although it will not be updated automatically), and if you add a CNAME record, you can verify DNS even if it is not Route53.
    With Route53, you can set it with one touch and it's just easy.

    Add a CNAME to your DNS configuration database

    What's more, isn't a certificate required to use CloudFront itself?
    If the original site is https, I would like to match it.