I want to achieve

Creating a todo list app on rails
I want to allow users to create a todo list and output what they have learned from that list once the list is complete

The model is a user model, a list model, and an output model.

Users and lists are one-to-many
List and output are 1: 1
One-to-many users and outputs

The routing in this case is

resources: tasks do
  resource: output

Is that okay?

According to other articles, when dealing with resources, I am at a loss because I wrote that I will use it when dealing with one (example: profile) for that user.
I'm sorry if it's a rudimentary question, I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me

  • Answer # 1

    Unfortunately, routing is not determined by model and association alone.

    Even if the model association has already been settled, the routing can change in any way depending on what kind of system you want to create, so I felt that no one could answer.

    Therefore, when asked if there is no problem, it seems that there is no choice but to answer that there is no problem ....