As shown in the attached image, the display of the Prefab button is
The game view and the actual smartphone are different.

Could you please tell me the cause of this?

Even if you change the screen match mode, it does not change.

The attached image is not a screenshot during playback, so
Prefab is not displayed in the hierarchy.

When the Prefab button is displayed, it will be as follows
-Btn (clone)
-Btn (clone)
-Btn (clone)

Even if I changed the aspect ratio mode below, there was no change.

About the attached image below
I tried to widen the vertical spacing generated by Prefab.
The position of the Prefab has changed on the smartphone as well, but the coordinates have shifted significantly and remain overlapping.
It is possible to make adjustments so that the display on the actual smartphone is prioritized and forced to match, ignoring the deviation in the game view.
If i do so, it will not be displayed correctly on smartphones with other resolutions.

So, I want to improve the root cause and make the game view and the display on the actual machine the same.