Set the conversion tracking JS to the button on the order form.

There is the explanation below, and I set it as "Add code to button".

Add the "onclick" attribute directly to the code of the button or link I want to measure. The code you use depends on how I want the link or button to appear on your site (text links, buttons, button images, etc.).

Add code to a button: This code shows how to add click tracking to a button using the

I set it as follows.

<form action = "/ orders" accept-charset = "UTF-8" method = "post">
  # Omitted
<button name = "button" type = "submit" onclick = "return gtag_report_conversion ('http://example.com/your-link')">Order</button>
  # Omitted

But even if you click the order button

POST/ordersIs not processed,
GET http://example.com/your-linkIs processed.

Google Ad conversion tracking is also possible,
How can I send a POST?

The same content is described below.

Measure clicks on your site as conversions

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    It seems that the content of the email sent from the client was old.
    I was able to set it from the management screen of Google Adwords.