I want to build a rails environment on Mac.

I'm trying to install Homebrew before installing rails, but when I install it, the following is displayed on the terminal.
Warning:/opt/homebrew/bin is not in your PATH.
==>Installation successful!

When I confirm the installation with brew -v, zsh: command not found: brew
Is displayed and it seems that it has been installed, but I cannot find it and cannot proceed.

If anyone knows the solution, I would appreciate it if you could teach me.

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  • Answer # 1

    ==>Installation successful!

    As the message says, homebrew is already installed.

    Add the Homebrew installation directory to your PATH environment variable.
    The installation destination is either of the following. Please check for yourself with ls etc.

    / opt/homebrew/bin

    / usr/local/bin

    The default shell for the terminal is/bin/zsh
    Define the environment variable PATH in the .zprofile file.

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