I want to execute Python of Anaconda3 from Microsoft Visual Studio Code, but I can execute it without any problem immediately after opening the workspace, but from the second time onward

C: /Local/Anaconda3/python.exe c: /Work/Test/excel_read.py
File "", line 1
C: /Local/Anaconda3/python.exe c: /Work/Test/excel_read.py
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Will stop with an error.

Once I close the VC and restart it, it works fine again, but this is repeated.

Here's what I've done so far:

  1. Installation of Anaconda (Don't check to pass PATH automatically, check to use default Python)
    C: \ Local \ Anaconda3
    Designated as.

  2. Install Visual Code (I didn't know the automatic PATH, so leave the default checked)
    Only Japanese localization and Python extensions are installed.
    From Preferences to Python.pythonpath
    In Python.condapath
    C:/Local/Anaconda3/Scripts /
    I put in.
    I (intentionally) put the same settings for both the user and the workspace, respectively.
    * You can use the base environment instead of the Anaconda virtual environment.
    * It is okay not to debug with breakpoints.

Each version
Windows 10
Visual Code 1.52.1
Anaconda Navigator 1.9.12

  • Answer # 1

    As a result of trial and error with the advice of Mr. yakitorii, I found that I was in the interactive mode (interactive mode) without noticing it myself.
    When in interactive mode, the prompt on the panel screen
    It seems to be. (It was)
    If you press the execute button on the upper right in this state, an error will occur.

    After clicking on the panel screen
    Ctrl + Z
    So I was able to escape the interactive mode.

    By the way, when entering interactive mode, it seems to select [Python: Start REPL] etc. in the command palette.
    Once I was able to escape, the phenomenon disappeared as long as I touched it for a while.
    Thank you very much.