About some outsourcing of crowdsourcing projects

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This time,Partial work outsourcing of crowdsourcing projectsI have a question about.

Is it contractually permissible to receive an LP production (design coding) project by crowdsourcing and further outsource the design process?
Looking at the terms such as NDA conclusion (nondisclosure agreement), it seems to be useless,
On the other hand, when you see that a web production company outsources, it seems that outsourcing is fine.

I did some research on my own, but I couldn't get a clear answer, so I asked a question. If i don't mind, please give me a professor.

  • Answer # 1

    It depends on the contract details of the case.
    Please check the contract.
    If you cannot make a decision, please consult a lawyer.

    In the contractSubcontractThere may be a clause regarding this, so please check its contents.
    I think the following sites will be helpful.
    Subcontracting provisions in system development contracts

  • Answer # 2

    Please check with the matter orderer.
    Please also contact the crowdsourcing operating company.

    It cannot be understood by a third partyBecause.