Subject. Has anyone used this framework and what are their impressions?

On my own I will say that in the first 10 minutes of meeting him, I got up :)

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@Palmervan as bae, you described your reaction quite clearly. If your subjective opinion is not enough for you, then look for articles about bugs. It will give you much more. p.s. can add sexcoding or codefelia tag?

zenith2021-02-22 23:29:04

For example, I'm also interested. plu to the author for the question

heleg2021-02-22 23:29:04

@Heleg interesting, this is not a question /answer, a debatable topic.

zb'2021-02-22 23:29:04

@zenith, that's right, let's arrange totalitarianism on the hashcode

heleg2021-02-22 23:29:04

By the way, the chance of getting a minus for a bad question /answer is inversely proportional to the karma of the author of the question /answer. This topic is confirmation of this.

ReinRaus2021-02-22 23:29:04