There is a Web application written in c# core 3 via NuGet I am trying to install package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools This error appears.

Error TS1259 (TS) Module "" C: /Users/Sergey/AppData/Local/Microsoft/TypeScript/3.9/node_modules/fast-diff/diff "" can only be imported by default using the "allowSyntheticDefaultImports" flag "Phisioseq.ClientPortal.WebUI JavaScript Content Files C: \ Users \ Sergey \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ TypeScript \ 3.9 \ node_modules \ quill-delta \ dist \ Delta.d.ts 1

The root project contains a Vue application, but I'm trying to install a package for a project that I don't think has anything to do with TypeScript. Where can I set the allowSyntheticDefaultImports flag?

"I'm trying to install" -where, with what? allowSyntheticDefaultImports -google.com/q=TS%20allowSyntheticDefaultImports -flag for cli or in the "tsconfig.json" settings file {"compilerOptions": {"allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true}}

qwabra2021-02-23 18:29:35