I am making my first website and am currently working on a page for the output of upcoming events. I want to implement the output of relevant data from Google Sheets to a site page.

The table contains an array of data in the form of rows with information about the upcoming event. The columns are as follows: Date, Time, Organizer, Title, Description, Participants, Event Type, Links

Each subsequent line is filled with the necessary data. Next, I need to display events for the next week and visually customize this data. After the end of the event (when the date of the event will remain in the past and become irrelevant), the line disappeared from the site, and the data was again displayed for a week in advance. Hope I was able to describe my task clearly.

How can you display data from a table on the site?

The question is too general. Use the API or publish the Table and take data from it directly.

contributorpw2021-03-10 05:50:52

I apologize for the general question. I want to use a table in google as a database to display information on my site. Those. in fact, the output form on the site is the same table in the table tag with the same structure, but the only difference is that columns with technical information, comments, etc. may appear in the google table, which should not be shown on the site.

yablk2021-03-10 05:50:52