There is a reference with brands and models, etc. in xml format here is an example:
I convert this Xml file into a multidimensional array by the plugin https://github.com/spatie/array-to-xml
It is necessary to somehow implement for the user a choice from this reference. While there is an option using several select'ov, I don't know how to implement it yet. Can you tell me there are any ready-made solutions in the form of plugins.

The problem is not in the xml conversion, but in providing a choice from this data. Those. how to implement the application interface so that the user selects the data that is received from the xml file

Данил Пономаренко2021-02-23 23:25:23

Well, put them in a select on the page and via POST /GET send the key, which you will look for as you need it.

mepihindeveloper2021-02-23 23:25:23