Excuse me, please let me know if anyone knows.

I'm developing an Android app with unity, but now I need to make my own extension plugin for UnityPlayerActivity.

Since I'm using firebase, the entry point for AndroidManifest should have changed to MessagingUnityPlayerActivity, and I'm trying to create a class in Android studio that extends it.

According to the official document,
in Assets /Plugins /Android / I heard that there is libmessaging_unity_player_activity.jar, but it wasn't in my app's Plugins.

[Official document]

[Plugins folder]

Where is this file?

Thank you.

I'm sorry, I solved it myself. There is firebase-messaging-unity-7.1.0.scraar in Assets \ Firebase \ m2repository \ com \ google \ firebase \ firebase-messaging-unity \ 7.1.0, and it seems that there is a jar in this.

user440242021-02-23 06:08:24