Good night, everyone. Seems like a simple task. There is a list of strings. From it you need to get a map, where the key is the next value in the list, the value is the number of repetitions in the sheet. With stream. In fact, it's even a little more complicated there. I wrote the first step, but I still can't do it.

I finished this

List <
String >
 strings= List.of ("Java", "JaVA", "PHP", "JS", "java", "jS", "Python", "java");
 Map <
String, Long >
 result= strings.stream ().
                .collect (Collectors.toMap (Function.identity (),
Collections.frequency (strings, s)));

Map frequencyMap= strings.stream (). Collect (Collectors.groupingBy (Function.identity (), Collectors.counting ())); tyts

tym321672021-02-26 01:02:49