The methods of sending 1 photo with a description and the method of group sending of images are familiar, but there is no general description parameter for the entire group of images, but only for each image individually. The method of including links to images in the body of the message is also familiar. But that's not an option either.

Is there a method for sending a message with multiple images attached to it.

In the image, the ideal option is a message with images attached to it.

The maximum option that turned out was to send a group of photos first and then send a regular message.

No, you need to generate a document with embedded images -because there are limitations

Serg Bocharov2021-02-26 06:52:22

That is, I have to either send a self-generated document, say a Word, PDF, etc., or send a group of pictures and then a message to make it look more or less like an ideal?

Andrew2021-02-26 06:52:22