We need to find the day of the week by date, but the formula does not work:

(d + float (2.6 * m -0.2) -2 * c+ y + float (y /4) + float (c /4))

turns out to be a negative number ...

what is s in your formula?

Jack_oS2021-02-23 12:48:19

Is it necessary through this formula? Such a condition? In the plan, there are many other options, how can you find the day of the week by date, maybe they will suit you?

Анастасия2021-02-23 12:49:36

Firstly, you have lost the remainder of division by 7 from the formula, and secondly, the most important thing is what these letters mean: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

CrazyElf2021-02-23 13:07:39

And you always need to give the initial data for which you want to get some kind of result, what should we substitute in the formula to reproduce your result, what are the values?

CrazyElf2021-02-23 13:09:58