What is the PulseAudio counterpart to the old /dev /dsp or /dev /audio?
So that I can read the data from /dev /dsp to get a .wav file with the sound on the microphone, and send the data to /dev /dsp to hear this sound in the speakers?

have you been in suspended animation all this time? /dev /dsp is generally oss, which has not been used for a thousand years, now alsa. PulseAudio has a software api, there is no device, to access PA you need to use libpulse and nothing else.

zb'2021-03-12 10:21:31

I was looking for information, no one specified on the wiki that this is no longer used

sudo972021-03-12 10:21:31

>>OSS was used in the Linux 2.4 kernel. Due to the closed source and paid license, OSS in Linux is currently being replaced by ALSA.

zb'2021-03-12 10:21:31
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    For programs that only use oss, padsp can be used. padsp old_quake