Is it possible to make an ODBC connection to AWS EC2 (MYSQL) with MS ACCESS as the front end? If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know.

Isn't the article around here helpful? How to install MySQL Connector /ODBC 8.0, Settings for connecting to a database on AWS EC2 from the outside via ODBC

kunif2021-03-13 23:08:19

Thank you, Mr. Kunif. I was able to connect to ODBC.

Monty 52021-03-13 23:08:19
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    It seems that you can do it by downloading /installing the ODBC driver and setting AWS EC2, etc., referring to the following article.
    Here are excerpts and quotations from the table of contents of the article and prominent notes. See the article for details.

    How to install MySQL Connector /ODBC 8.0

    By using MySQL Connector /ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity), you can connect to the MySQL database from Excel or Access.

    However, please note that there are the following restrictions when using ODBC.

    You cannot install multiple versions of ODBC on a single PC.
    Also, objects that use ODBC will only work with the version at the time of creation.

    Visual c++ Redistributable Package Installation
    Connector /ODBC uses run-time components to run c++ applications built using Visual Studio 2015.
    The installer checks it at startup, so let's install it first.
    Visual c++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015
    There are x64 (64-bit version) and x86 (32-bit version) installers.
    How to check how many bits of installed MS-OfficeOr I want to get the bit information of Office installed by the command

    Connector /ODBC installation
    Driver Download
    MySQL :: MySQL ConnectorGo to and click Download to the right of the ODBC Driver for MySQL (Connector /ODBC).
    There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the driver.
    As before, download the same MS-Office architecture that you have installed, not the operating system architecture.
    Driver installation

    Settings for connecting to a database on AWS EC2 from the outside via ODBC

    It is necessary to open the MYSQL port (3306), allow connection from the outside, and create an account for external connection.

    Open MySQL port
    You need to open port (3306) on both your EC2 instance and your Windows server.
    Add MYSQL /Aurora to EC2 instance
    Create a new inbound rule on the server
    How to launch and publish Bitnami Redmine on AWS EC2 in just 30 minutes

    Allow MySQL to connect from outside
    Comment out "bind-address=" in my.ini (MySQL configuration file).
    After saving the file, restart the Bitnami Redmine Stack service set.

    Create an account for external connection
    Start the Bitnami Redmine Stack command prompt and create an account for connecting to MySQL from the outside. Only "Select" was allowed for each database.

    Confirmation of connection from home PC
    Start the ODBC driver from Access etc. and check the connection.

    For "TCP /IP Server", enter the public DNS or public IP. In "User /Password", enter the account you created earlier to connect from the outside. Click the [Test] button when you are finished.