I am writing an application on c++ including collecting technical information on running processes (loading CPU, memory usage, user owner) and much more (all this is already implemented).

Many probably saw in Task Manager (Windows 8) or in Windows Resource Monitor, you can observe the activity of accessing the hard disk (read and write in bytes). I need to receive the same information too.

Unfortunately, googling and yandacking, positive results have not yet given :(. Tell me which way to dig, there may be a WMI class or Win API structure where you can read this data.

Found an option with getprocessiocounters. There at the output structure (you are interested in the fields containing the word transfer). These counters read twice, after a certain period of time. The resulting Delta is divided by a pause, I get the rate of handling.

Сфинкс2021-03-26 14:41:05