Work on the program with the ability to access the database. As far as I understood -MySQL is not suitable for working with the base on Xamarin. Chose SQLite. Tested CRUD on the local database -works. I would like to go to work on a remote base. Here is an excerpt code for the Create operation.

Public Void CreateTreasure (Int Innerid, String Desc, int SiteID, int userid, sqlite.sqliteconnection database)
        String DBName= "Treasures.db"; //Title Base
        String Databasepath= System.io.path.combine (
                        Environment.getfolderpath (environment.specialfolder.localapplicationdata), dbname); //Creating a full path to the database
        database= new sqlite.sqliteconnection (databasepath); //Installing the connection with the base
        Database.CreateTable <
Treasures >
(); //Check the presence of the table
        Treasures Item= New Treasures (Innerid, Desc, SiteID, UserID); //Creating an object
        Database.insert (Item); //Adding an object to the database
        Treasures.add (Item); //Adding to a cached array in order not to spend time synchronization with the base

Is it possible to work with a remote base in SQLite ? If not, then what other interaction technologies exist to work with a remote base on Xamarin ?

UPD: For the database, I plan to use the Internet hosting for the database.

MySQL is not suitable for working with the base on Xamarin O_O work on a remote database No need to delete the database :) Do you need an application to work with the database (for example editing the database tables from the mobile phone), or database for the application? If the second, then see what Firebase is.

aepot2021-04-07 15:00:12

Your remote base where will be located? On the local network or global? If the last one, it is better to make a normal server with WebAPI.

Alexander Petrov2021-04-07 15:40:45

Local Area -Do you understand? -network! Not database Local, and the network. There is a global network -the Internet. And there are local networks -intranet. For example, a network of your organization, or home network, or a house. In LAN, purely theoretically, you can set the bodies of the database to outward, giving up strict rights to users.

Alexander Petrov2021-04-07 17:58:25

@aepot understood. So, without a foreign software, work with a non-local base is impossible? Just hoped that there are the same tools as the Entity Framework for .NET. If so, then I will deal with Firebase. Thank you for enlightening.

GeekProgrammer2021-04-07 18:32:47