Here is a screen:

Call Stack shows the function call sequence. From here

The stop point was installed on 15 string. To 15 string caused 2 Neanonimate functions - F1 . F2. .

p. S. It is also incomprehensible why two global variables - Global1. and Global2. Do not matter? Why suddenly undefined. ?

  • Answer # 1

    To 15 string was caused by 2 Neanonimate Functions

    These functions have already been caused, worked and returned. The meaning of the "Call Stack" -A is the sequence nested feature calls that led to this point.

    Place BreakPoint inside F1 or F2. and see.

    And why at all then the stop point, if you can just move along the code using the same Step Over, Step Into and watch what is happening at the moment (variables, functions)? What is specifically benefit? Because I thought that all variables and functions (in Call Stack and Scope) are shown for the entire spent code to the supplied Breakpoint, it turns out no ...

    Eva2021-04-07 18:12:45

    @Eva then that we very quickly wander to walk around the code line. This is only 15 lines in your example. Imagine them are several tens of thousands.

    Igor2021-04-07 18:19:58

    @Eva ... not to mention asynchronism.

    Igor2021-04-07 18:23:03