There is a file by 500,000 thousand strings Example:

a; b; c
06/27/2020 0: 00: 00; 2157; 1.00
07.27.2020 0: 00: 00; 2142; 1.00
28.06.2020 0: 00: 00; 2152; 1.00
06/29/2020 0: 00: 00; 2142; 1.00
07/01/2020 0: 00: 00; 2142; 1.00
08/01/2020 0: 00: 00; 2152; 1.00

I would like to split it on files on the ranges 06/01/2020 to 07/01/2020 inclusive and so all periods. Thanks.

Exactly inclusive? So then it would be possible to cut off the date everything besides the month and year, make a new column and groupby on it from this, and if you include the 1st number of the next month in the range, then it will somehow cunning will have a cycle to do.

CrazyElf2021-04-07 18:16:28

And what is the difficulty? I read the next line, looked at the date, recorded in acc. Output file (if there is no file for this range, then create-open). And if all the lines correspond to the template, and it is not necessary to bother to complex parsing, then the task is almost trivial.

Akina2021-04-07 18:17:33

That's the complexity that you need to save the format.

Александр2021-04-07 18:41:15

So do not need to change the read strings, and the whole short.

Akina2021-04-07 18:46:14

Where is the format? You are talking about a strange time interval. From 1 number of one month to 1 number of next inclusive. Not only is the algorithm becomes more difficult, so you also have periods to intersect

strawdog2021-04-07 18:46:43