Local (NUXT) to HEROKU (RAILS) can be done without any problems, but
If you try to access HEROKU (RAILS) from HEROKU (NUXT) to AXIOS, it will be 404 errors.
There is no problem with the CORS settings on the Rails side.
It is 404 in the NUXT side HEROKU log.
It has been confirmed that no request has arrived in the Rails side log.
If you get GET with the Tool for API testing and saw it normally, I think it is the setting on the NUXT side.
Write the Proxy settings below.

Proxy: {
    '/Rails': {
      Target: 'https://myapp.heralkuapp.com',
      pathrewrite: {
        '^ /Rails': '/'

I hope you can tell you if you can understand something.

  • Answer # 1

    In AxIOS settings

    AXIOS: {
        BaseUrl: 'https://myapp.herokuapp.com'
    A safe request was passed, where PROXY was removed as 

    What happens to CORS without Proxy?
    I have a question, but it was reported because I solved it.