Currently you have created an application using Vue.js.

Using AXIOS, the API uploads the image from the client side and processed the image on the server side, and creates a mechanism to receive the processed image on a response.

If the process is performed asynchronously, the process has been accelerated, but if you upload a large amount to a large amount only in Firefox, a phenomenon occurs that the response can not be received at about 10 images.

Chrome does not occur in other browsers.

The console does not have an error in particular, but may you know how to avoid this phenomenon?

Thank you in advance

We Are Currently Using Vue.js to Create Applications.

Among Them, We Cred A Mechanism That Uses Axios to Upload Images from the Client Side Via API, Processing On Images on the Server Side, and Receiving the Processed Images with Responses.

Processing speeded up when doing that processing asynchronously, but in the case of Firefox only when uploading a large number of images uploading images can not receive responses in about 10 images has occurred.

IT DOES Not Occur in Other Browsers Such As Chrome.

there a no particular errors on the Console, but Do You Know How to Avoid this Phenomenon?

This problem was self-solved! Thank you very much! This Problem is Already Been Cleared Up. THANK YOU!

user298382021-04-08 00:16:37

OK. As a countermeasure, it was solved by setting the maximum number of POST maximum requests to 6

user298382021-04-08 00:16:37