There are data coming from the server. Pretty large amount of data. I wonder how it is convenient to steal JSON? I know how to do it through dictionaries, but there you need to go through all the dictionary. This is convenient, but the answer from the server comes with a large number of nested elements, and the cycle turns into a pyramid. Are there any decisions or libraries?

Please give in the question the minimum reproducible example of input data (as text /CSV /Python code or links to file) and what you expect to get at the output. I also advise you to familiarize yourself: how to most effectively ask a question related to processing and /or data analysis (for example: by Pandas /Numpy /Scipy /Scikit Learn /SQL)

MaxU2021-04-09 12:19:41

The DPATH module allows you to search in the dictionaries using a technique similar to XPath

MaxU2021-04-09 12:22:25

On the Vskidka: either recursion -if the data is meant fractal nesting, or a separate function for each individual type of item, and the functions can cause each other.

Xander2021-04-09 14:49:15