Bekenda algorithm is:

  1. I am looking for a group of keyword through the Groups.Search method;
  2. I get additional information about the received groups using the GROUPS.GetByID method;
  3. I get 100 posts for each group through the Wall.get method
  4. method

In the third step, the algorithm falls with the error "Too Many Requests Per Second". As far as I understand the Execute method does not help, since here the appeal goes to the same method (wall.get), and the restriction in 25 requests is issued if you turn to different methods. I have already tried to do it through Execute, the same mistake. I tried to delays between requests in PHP (Sleep (0.35)), but did not help. Is there any option to get walls (posts) in a large number of groups?

Foreach ($ Groups AS $ Group) {
            $ posts= $ this->
wall () ->
GET (ENV ('VK_API_TOKEN'), ['Owner_ID'= >
 -$ group ['id'], 'Count'= >

portions, more time intervals

Jean-Claude2021-04-28 12:05:21