Tell me whether there are still free ways to get fines on the cars, for example, there is a park, two dozen cars. I would like to track the presence of fines, quickly, at least once a day to check.

I searched the API, found a minimum of 3 service, but they are naturally paid, well there for 1-2 cars will be given free to get, but for 20 charges. They ask for from 2 to 5 tr per month.

found the traffic police API, but it seems it is closed, most likely with the goal (my assumption) making money on paid API.

I'm not even ready for the API, but for example, a subscription to fines by email, and I will script email.

In general, I would really like to find a free solution. Please advise experts.

I would very much like to find a free solution on the Public Services portal -by /y and /or CTC. Through the mobile application -almost in real time. gosuslugi.ru/10001/1.

Akina2021-05-03 12:13:35

Well, I so, so that you could be sparking, I said about this, for example, by mail, I will break the script there. And I can hardly use the application. or there as it can also be configured to the mail?

Алекс Лизенберг2021-05-03 12:13:35

What, download the application Yes, too hard, just ask how to ask? And yes -notification to the mail there is, search in the settings of the LC.

Akina2021-05-03 12:13:35

I kind of sane said -set up notifications in the personal account of my profile on the portal of the State Service ... I.Stack.imgur.com/ooh88.png

Akina2021-05-03 12:13:35

Is it a website of public services? The site of Moscow is written. I am not by the way Moscow region

Алекс Лизенберг2021-05-03 12:13:35
  • Answer # 1

    For more than 4 years, I work in the field where data is needed on fines and what came to:

    1. Absolutely free option except the state service is not. But they do not have the opportunity to conveniently unload the fines where either.

    2. If you are interested only in traffic police fines and do not need FSSP penalties, Madi, AMPP, then you can take data from the traffic police directly. At the moment (March 2020) there is a Google Recaptcha. You can choose any service to solve Recaptcha and directly take data from the traffic police.

    True there are a few minuses:

    • On the traffic police website, changes sometimes occur and you will have to adapt your solution.
    • When forming a budget for the RECAPTCHA solution, it is worth having in mind that up to 100% of the tokens may not be worn, but they still have to pay.

    But taking into account the minuses there is a plus -it's still much cheaper than existing parsers.

    1. If the minuses of the previous solution are embarrassed, you can use ready-made parsers. for example api-parser.ru.and gibdd-api.mchanges.com. But prices bite.

    2. If you need all kinds of fines (and photos), you will have to use special services that you yourself found. But there is an API, unloading to Excel and many other amenities. For example, the service Your traffic policethe minimum rate of 1000 rubles, which is two times less than that api-parser.ru..

    If anyone is interested, there are also a couple of giants services: there are no fines and online traffic police.

    also think that with any of these services you can agree and get access to their partner traffic police. I think it will be cheaper than in Parsers from item 3. Try to write in support and clarify if you wish.

    Updated (November 2020). Your traffic police service now has Parser.. But it only works 80% of the time. But cheap. Basically I use it, but if you will fail, I switch to api-parser.ru. It turns out cheap and angry.

  • Answer # 2

    There are no free services, everyone earn money. I use this service Checks finesThe ap of course they do not have, but they send letters to email on time. And nothing needs to be adapted.