There is a client-server application. Clients are written under the desktop and Android (Xamarin), the server serves to manage the database and sending messages to customers that some client has changed the record in the database. Customers will be connected no more than 10. I made a connection through sockets and data exchange through serialization, but I think that this method is not very productive and not very correct. Someone can divide the experience and suggest how to better implement this mechanism?

PS Please do not kick, .NET is a hobby and write for yourself, it's just interesting to study new technologies.

Well, data transfer can be transmitted via WebSocket to do, serialization in JSON is quite fast. Server that ASP.NET or a self-written engine? Why did you decide that there is an unproductive?

aepot2021-05-04 06:29:33

The server is self-written, since the application is simple. Thank you for the article.

Lemieux2021-05-04 06:55:31