Made an interface with tkinter

and you need to have a list (months, weeks, etc.) with the selected item in the Combobox With the help of DateTime it turned out only to receive a list of days from the initial and end date

d1= datetime.date (2018, 8, 13) # start date
d2= datetime.date (2020, 9, 13) # end date
Delta= D2 -D1 # Timedelta
If delta.days <
= 0:
    Print ("swear and exit")
For i in Range (Delta.days + 1):
    Dat= DateTime.TimeDelta (I)
    DATE= D1 + DAT
    Print (Date.strftime ("% d /% m /% y"))

maybe somehow you can change this code or you need to use another way?

From your question it is impossible to understand what you need. But if you need to get for each date number of the week, which it belongs, then it is enough to write here as Print (date.strftime ("% d /% m /% y ->% w"))

passant2021-05-04 12:26:45