django== 3.1.4, python== 3.8.2 When creating a Django-Admin StartProject Startup project, the following error flies: With something and the name of the computer, and the rest is written by Latin Also tried to explicitly indicate the address: Python Manage.py runserver What could be the problem?

Possible duplicate question: UnicodedeCodeError when starting a new Django project on Windows

andreymal2021-05-08 14:54:13

In general, try to install a newer version of Python (3.8.10 or 3.9.5), there seems to be fixed

andreymal2021-05-08 14:54:13

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aleksandr barakin2021-05-08 14:54:13

The question was decided, the name of the computer was the prefix -PK, after it removed everything earned

Andrei2021-05-07 17:02:11