Hello everyone!

I can not figure out how to add to the columns of my histogram of signatures of values. The code looks like this:

GgPlot (Data= Appliers, AES (X= YEAR)) + geom_histogram (Stat= 'Count', position= 'Dodge', AES (Fill= Sex)) + scale_fill_brewer (palette= 'accent') + Theme_bw ()

I am interested in how to make a signature so that they reflect the number of participants of each floor, but if it still turns out to reflect the interest ratio, it will be generally wonderful. It seems to me that the decision should be somehow simple, but I did not find it.

Possible duplicate question: How to add data values ​​variable over Barplot columns?

aleksandr barakin2021-06-04 16:51:23

Duplicate-based example: GGPlot (MPG, AES (Class) + geom_histogram (STAT= "Count") + geom_label (Stat= "Count", AES (label= .. count ..))

aleksandr barakin2021-06-03 16:51:33