Google says it is Ctrl + Space, but if I press this combination, I see such a third:

What am I doing wrong?

If it is important, then the project on Scala.

I suspect that once it emphasizes the red method, which means it does not have this class in general, respectively, there are no reboots and parameters.

insolor2021-06-09 12:16:12

All there is simply no overload without arguments. This is a standard method from Java.

iluxa18102021-06-09 12:17:09

Here docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/nio/file/paths.html. If I score a string, then it will stop being red.

iluxa18102021-06-09 12:18:01

I have without any combination of keys after a pause displays I.Stack.imgur.com/OYPUM.PNG. Exactly correct Paths imported?

insolor2021-06-09 12:20:47

@insolor Yes, through Ctrl + Click where I need to fall. Do you have default settings?

iluxa18102021-06-09 12:25:35