there is an input which $ _Request takes the value from the address bar, in the line if it comes across a Cyrillic, it turns into some kind of "abraque dubru" (well, that is, 12-CARP23 is transmitted in the address bar, and 12-FDB %% 1N23) is displayed) Request takes it without any problems and Entends to the Input and it becomes again readable by Cyrillic. But when I put this code in the MODX engine $ _Request. takes everything except this "abracadabra which should turn into readable Cyrillic"

According to the result: There is a link: https://site.ru/?number=12-carp23.In the Input must substitute 12-CARP23 And substituted 12-23

INPUT TYPE= "TEXT" name= "OrderNumber" Value= "<
?= $ _Request ["Number"]? ≫

See the MODX settings, for sure there is some kind of Middleware.

Roman Grinyov2021-06-10 05:51:10