I want to try to place an animation advertising on your site, but I do not know how to do it! Example: The machine appears on the same slide, the machine appears, the text is prescribed above the machine, then the price or another machine appears on the right side of the car, follow the machine flashes the headlights and all this is repeated anew (cycle)! My knowledge in jQuery rests on the slideshow. Where to start not know. Tell me, maybe there is an explanatory link or an example?

Yes, there is: API.JQuery.com/category/effects

etki2021-07-02 23:03:32

What are these commercials called?

Arty212021-07-02 23:03:32

@ ARTY21 banners. There is no "unambiguous" solution, there is only a choice of technology, it is possible to take Canvas or Flash instead of jQuery + HTML /CSS, it is more specifically difficult to say something.

etki2021-07-02 23:03:32