You need to send queries on NGINX (version 0.18 Ubuntu 20.04) via HTTP Proxy by HTTPS, as I understand the Connect method. I reread dock, I tried different decisions, it does not work. Found a module that includes a "proxy protocol" support for incoming connections on NGINX, but I need to outgoing.

Location /Toserver /{
    proxy_Method Connect;
    proxy_set_header Host Other.server: 443;
    proxy_pass http://proxy.server.com:318;

It is not clear what kind of task you want to solve? Maybe you need not nginx?

Alexey Ten2021-07-09 06:58:07

About the task, I do not want to spread, yes it is specific. This task can be solved by sending requests to Beken and there already in a proxy, but it is obligated, trying to reduce the consumption of resources. I trial nginx-lua.

Netu Imeni2021-07-08 09:33:23