How to remove? Help me please!

A red inscription appeared "Avertissement de Sécurité: Traitez L'URL CI-DESSOUS COMME UN MOT DE PASSE ET NE LA Partagez Avec Personne. Advertencia de Seguridad: Trata La Dirección URL Si Fuera Tu Contraseña Y No La Compartas Con Nadie." On the pages of the site, not at all on some.

And how do you imagine getting help from us? If you yourself do not cope, then hire an experienced programmer, give it access to the site and will solve the problem. And telepathically do not help you.

Deonis2021-07-21 16:37:08

I assumed that someone probably came across such a question and could suggest, at least a direction where to look for the source of the problem. The fact is that I was looking for a lot on the network and the specialists asked, including hosting ... Perhaps you are right that you need to look for a specialist, and not here to ask questions, but I still hope to help.

Eruption2021-07-21 16:37:08

You have already suggested -hire a programmer. This is the most reasonable way that you can choose, you yourself can not cope.

Zhukov Roman2021-07-21 16:37:08

Thank you so much. As I understand it. There will be no other "opinions", given some categorical in your answer. Well, what, and I thank this. Sorry, if you disturbed, perhaps you are right, it was not worth spending time or yours ... Sorry again.

Eruption2021-07-21 16:37:08

A kind man broke your site and warned you, and you remove. next time breaks bottle

zb'2021-07-21 16:37:08