Even though now, I think that Office is 32bit or 64bit, but it is
I am looking for a way to get the number of Office's BITs installed on the PC with c# and VBA code.

Manually confirming how to check it, I want to realize it with code.

The language to use is only c# or VBA. Of course I think that API etc. also touch.

If you know, please answer.

This article is likely to be helpful. How to separate Declare statements in VBA 32BIT and 64-bit version-Office 2010, 2013, and Excel VBA Installed Excel Returns 64bit or 32bit Function Excelis64bit, conditional compilation (32-bit 64-bit compatibility), Compatibility ARM versions between 32-bit versions of Office and 64-bit versions may change.

kunif2021-07-21 19:22:10

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cubick♦2021-07-21 19:22:10