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Requests work but 1 cant instead of Russian questions! Help

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    Try, if not yet done, make everything (!) Changes to the code:

    Header ("Content-Type: text /html; charset= utf-8"); //somewhere at the beginning of the php script
    $ db->
    Query ("SET CHARSET UTF8"); Install communication encoding with database
     //Add a page template in the head

    The best answer MDJHD helped, thank you) the question is closed

    dracon572021-07-21 19:22:11

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    MDJHD2021-07-21 19:22:11
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    Download NotePad ++ and in the "Encoding" section, select UTF8 without bom (do not forget to open the file in which handler)

    At Centose I do

    dracon572021-07-21 19:22:11

    Is there a change in encoding? In the program itself

    cnofss2021-07-21 19:22:11
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    Perhaps you need to set the encoding (after connecting to the database) with MySQL Set Charset.

    $ link= mysql_connect ('Localhost', 'user', 'password');
    mysql_set_charset ('UTF8', $ Link);

    HereIt is written in detail about the encoding of the MYSQL database.

    Thank you) I will try.

    dracon572021-07-21 19:22:11

    The problem remains the result is issued but with ("????")

    dracon572021-07-21 19:22:11

    Check the script encoding that communicates with the base. It should be UTF-8. If not, coding pre-text using ICONV

    VenZell2021-07-21 19:22:11

    @ DRACON57 Try to still install the header page encoding ("Content-Type: Text /Html; Charset= UTF-8");

    Ильшат2021-07-21 19:22:11

    Already I do not know .. The day UTF 8 and is prescribed and in phpmyadmin it is ...

    dracon572021-07-21 19:22:11